Notice from City of Fountain City Public Works Department:

Please help our Waste Water Treatment Plant run as smoothly as possible by disposing of non-flushable items properly. Below is an example of what causes our sewer lines to backup and creates pump issues. In this image you are seeing a plugged pump from rags and medical supplies. This is very hard on our system and can cause a good deal of damage.

Every property owner connected to the city system contributes to possible problems and could be a potential victim for those problems. Putting the wrong things down the drain can cause sewer backups, damage to sewer system or sewer releases into the environment.

It’s pretty simple what should go down the toilet, human waste and toilet paper. That’s it. Here is a list of items to keep out of the toilet that are common problems:

  • disposable diapers
  • tampons and tampon applicators
  • sanitary napkins
  • cotton balls and swabs
  • condoms
  • cleaning wipes of any kind
  • facial tissue
  • bandages and bandage wrappings
  • medical supplies of any kind
  • automotive fluids
  • paint, solvents, sealants and thinners
  • poisons and hazardous waste
  • pet poop
  • unused medications
  • fats, oils or grease