Park Shelter:
The park shelter is available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis free of charge.  On the first weekday prior to your use, you may place a sign on the inside wall of the shelter announcing your plans: ex.  “Ann Smith’s Graduation Party May 26th (1-3PM)”.  You may contact the Clerk-Treasurer at (608) 687-7481 to see if anyone else has mentioned their desire to use the shelter on the same date.

Auditorium/Ballpark & Stand Use:
The above are available for use when they are not occupied by city functions.  Non-profit community groups are not charged.  For all other groups/individuals the following fees are charged:

Auditorium Reception $150; $100 deposit refunded after cleaning
Community Room $75; $50 deposit refunded after cleaning
Ballpark & Stand $100; $50 refunded after cleaning
Auditorium Volleyball League $225 season & $10 practice

Community Room with tables and chairs

Community Room

View of auditorium showing the whole gym