Attention Fountain City Residents and Businesses

UPDATE 7/25/18: Bins will not be picked up today as noticed. The recycling contractors negotiated keeping the same bins as you have now. To clarify: the bins will not be picked up, you will keep them and recycling pick up will continue as normal however with a new company.

The City of Fountain City is changing contractors for recycling services this July. All recycling bins and carts will be picked up July 25th, 2018 when recyclables are collected. New bins and carts will be issued by Waste Transport prior to the first scheduled pickup in August.

The new recycling bins are owned by Waste Transport and property owners are responsible for carts and bins provided. You will be charged for any lost, stolen or broken carts or bins. If you are not using recycling bins or carts please contact city hall to arrange for pick-up.

A reminder that pick-up dates are circled on the recycling calendar and bins/carts are to be put out at curbside by 7:00am to ensure you are not missed. For more information on recycling please click here.