Due to recent Wisconsin DNR phosphorus regulations our city has been incurring very significant additional chargers per month for phosphorus discharges.

We need your help! To reduce the amount of phosphorus being discharged to our wastewater plant we need residents to make sure sump pumps, spring water and roof drains are being discharged into the storm water system or surface runoff, and not the sanitary sewer. We striven to be fiscally responsible and to provide residents with affordable services. To ensure this additional expense isn’t passed on to all residents in the form of increased utility rates, we need everyone to be in compliance with Fountain City Ordinance 13B. This ordinance prohibits improper connections to the sanitary sewer and gives property owners 60 days after notification to disconnect at their own expense. A copy of the ordinance is available at City Hall or on our website at fountaincitywisconsin.com.

At the direction of City Council, public works staff will be conducting inspections to ensure all connections are in compliance. If you have questions please contact Gil Adams, Fountain City Public Works Supervisor, at 608-687-8681.