How do I determine where my property lines are?
-You will need to hire a professional land surveyor to survey your property. The City of Fountain City does not provide surveying services.

How much is a building permit?
-A $50 fee is charged and needs to be turned in with a completed building permit application. Permits are also required for demolition of buildings.

Do I need a building permit to replace my roof or remodel my bathroom?
-Minor repairs valued at less than $500 that do not change the scope of your building (occupancy, area, structural, strength, exits, light, ventilation, fire protection) do not require a permit. If your replacement/repair/remodel is over $500 in value you will need to apply for a building permit.

How do I check the zoning on my property?
-Please call the building inspector with the property address and/or tax parcel number and they will verify the zoning.

Can I put a fence on my property?
-Fences having a ratio of solid part to open part greater than 1 to 4, hedges and walls, except retaining walls, more than 6 feet in height shall be considered as buildings or structures, and the appropriate requirements of the zoning ordinance shall be applied accordingly. Fences, hedges and walls, except retaining walls, shall not exceed 3 ½ feet in height when located in a front yard or in a side yard which abuts on a street. Fences, hedges and walls, except retaining walls, shall not exceed 2 ½ feet in height when located in a vision clearance triangle.Please contact the building inspector to confirm compliancy or information about a variance.

Can I have a home based business?
-Home occupations, provided that such occupation is incidental to the use of the premises for residential purposes, does not involve any structural alteration of the building or any external construction not customary in dwellings, is not conducted in a detached accessory building, that no article is sold or offered for sale on the premises except such as is produced by such occupation, that no stock in trade is kept or sold, that no mechanical equipment is used other than such as is permissible for purely domestic purposes and that no person other than a member of the immediate family living on the premises is employed.

Professional offices, when not more than one such office is established in any one dwelling, provided that such office shall be incidental to the residential occupation. Not more than 50 per cent of the floor area of only 1 story of a dwelling unit shall be occupied by such office and not more than 2 persons not members of the family may be employed in such office.

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