The Army Reserves from Fort McCoy will be coming to Fountain City May 5th through the 9th for training. The Reserves will be practicing bridge building deployment. Most of the training will be held at the Lower Boat Landing but also from the Army Corps of Engineers base. Troops will be staying in town overnight during the week and the public is invited to come and view their maneuvers. Also to note at a point along their training exercise they will be deploying a smoke screen that may roll through town. Not likely but in the event that it does, it is not harmful. The boat landings will both be open for public use but please understand you may be slightly delayed as they arrange for your launch.

The Reserves were in Fountain City just a couple short years ago doing the same type of training. They really enjoyed their time here when off duty and were great patrons to our establishments. Their training was very interesting to watch and they also enjoyed getting to interact with citizens that were there to observe.

Please welcome them back when you see them in May! Go Army!