Signs of spring are all around us – birds returning, trees budding and color bursting everywhere. We all enjoy sprucing-up our yards in the spring, and watching our neighbors do the same. Well, we would like to ask for your help in taking that a step further.

large flower pot full of purple flowers

Credit Earth Planters

For years the City took pride in hanging flower baskets and Christmas decorations on the poles, for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors. Now that use of those poles is no longer allowed for that long-held tradition we were struggling to find a solution – and we’ve found it! The City is proud to announce the Adopt-A-Planter Program!

We’ve purchased 6 self-watering planters to be placed along Main Street and North Shore Drive – just the beginning! These planters will be decorated with plantings and arrangement to complement each season of the year. The design of these planters makes best use of rainfall and keeps regular watering to a minimum. But we still need your help!

Your participation in the Adopt-A-Planter Program is vital to our success. We need individuals and businesses to make this successful. You can help us by:

– Sponsoring a seasonal display
– Contribute towards purchase of plants and decorations
– Make a memorial donation to honor a loved one or event
– Volunteer to maintain and decorate the planters
– Help purchase and place more planters throughout the City

The City is responsible for providing many day-to-day services to our residents and we take those seriously. We believe that doing what we can to provide not only a functional but beautiful place to live, one in which we can all take pride, is just as important. Please partner with us in this effort.

Downloadable donation form: Adopt-A-Planter form

  • Price: $450.00
    Each planter will include a small plaque recognizing the seasonal sponsor. If you would like to sponsor a seasonal display, please indicate below the name that you would like on the recognition plaque. Or indicate if you would like to remain anonymous.
  • Price: $0.00
  • $0.00