116 Main St Fountain City WI 54629

Eclectic Shop features Art, Antiques, Primitives, Collectables, Reproductions, Books, Toys, Junk and Ephemera

W-186 Sommers Ln. Fountain City WI 54629
615 S. Main St. Fountain City WI 54629
17 North St. Fountain City WI 54629
The fully renovated brick gem at 17 North Street was built in the 1870’s and started out as a printing shop, publishing a newspaper with one half in English, one half in German.  You can still see some ink stains on the floor from the early printing press.

It currently houses the Seven Hawks Vineyards Tasting Room, providing free wine tastings and purchase of their estate grown (1 mile north of Fountain City), award-winning wines.

The upper levels contain 2 Suites which are part of the famous Hawks View Cottages, Lodges and Suites.

32 S. Main St. Fountain City WI 54629
(608) 687-8674(608) 687-8674
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