About Fountain City

Fountain City was the first permanent settlement of Buffalo County, Wisconsin, occurring in 1839. The town was formerly called Holmes’ Landing, a name acquired from a family who traded with the Sioux and Chippewa Indian Tribes. Fountain City’s ancestry is mostly of German, Swiss and Norwegian heritage, as it was northern European immigrants who homesteaded the area. The original industries in the county were timber and farming, with the Mississippi River serving as the transportation conduit for the region.

Fountain City’s population today is 983 and agriculture remains an important economic contributor to the area. Fountain City’s farming history is celebrated each year over the Labor Day weekend at the Old Time Farm Fest. The attraction to the natural resources of the area—both by its thousands of annual visitors and by the hunting and fishing interests of Fountain City’s residents—serves as the economic engine for this small river town. Fountain City Days celebrates the town’s natural resources and its Mississippi River History every year during the 2nd weekend in August (see events calendar for details).

Fountain City shares a public school system with its northern neighbor, Cochrane. The communities combined elementary and high schools in forming the Cochrane-Fountain City School District over 40 years ago. You can see the “Home of the Pirates” while driving Wisconsin State Highway 35 between the two towns or you can visit the Pirates’ website.